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The MIPS-400 Wide Carriage Printer is the culmination of over two decades of experience in producing highly ruggedized and reliable printing devices designed specifically for airborne applications.

Using proven thermal technology, this printer family exceeds the requirements of the ARINC 744A while also providing HP/PCL 5e compatibility, TCP/IP Network and WiFi support, making it a cost effective printing solution for systems incorporating COTS hardware and software. The modular design allows for a wide range of configurations as well as future expandability.
Easy, one hand paper loading
High speed printing using HP/PCL 5e graphic language
Compatibility with MS Windows 95, 98, NT, 7 and 8
IEEE-1284, Ethernet (TCP/IP), WiFi support
Shallow depth for installation flexibility (8.12" below rail)
Reduced weight
Sealed and protected against liquid spills
Support for Pre-Perforated paper (5 ½ - 22" panel size)
Electronic Paper Quantity Gauge
FORMS LIBRARY TM - Storage of charts and maps
Spare slot for future expansion
Easily serviced through modular design
Designed to meet RTCA DO-160B
Easy paper loading is accomplished by inserting a fresh roll into the paper compartment and closing the access door. It's that simple! Our unique design avoids the torturous paper path typically found on many other printers, virtually eliminating the possibility of a paper jam. Pre-perforated paper is available in panel sizes ranging from 5 ½ to 22" thereby eliminating the need for an onboard perforator. The Electronic Top of Form (TOF) sensor accurately and automatically aligns each printed page with the installed form length.



Front Face Switches

Front Face Enunciators

Weight (with paper)
Print Resolution (max.)
Print Speed (max.)
Number of Fonts
ARINC 429 (8 Channels)
Ethernet (802.3) (2 Channels)
IEEE 1284 (Parallel)
Wi-Fi (802.11a, b, g, n) WLAN

Power 115VAC, 47 – 440 Hz.
Idle Mode – 23 Watts
Print Mode – 100 Watts
Alert Reset

Low Paper

11 lbs.
4 pages per minute
45 type, scalable